Month: May 2022

Rainbow Arch Cake Topper Tutorial

rainbow arch cake topper tutorial by sugar and sparrow

A few years ago, I was searching for the perfect rainbow arch cake topper for a Trolls themed cake and could not find what I was imagining anywhere. So instead, I decided to whip out some fondant and make my own. Although the rainbow cake topper ended up looking spot on, the fondant would not dry (at least not in the timeframe I needed it to) and I was starting to panic a bit. Then I improvised. I recreated the rainbow topper, only this time I used gum paste, which dries much faster and firmer than fondant. It looked exactly the same but dried hard as a rock in about 48 hours. The cake was saved! 

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How to Make the Perfect Buttercream Consistency + Troubleshooting Tips

how to alter buttercream consistency for cake decorating

One of the number one questions I get from blog readers and social media followers is what kind of buttercream I use for my cakes. Regardless of the flavors I’m working with, the base of every frosting recipe I write is American buttercream. Specifically, one that I’ve tweaked to be less sweet than standard, customizable to suit any flavor profile, a breeze to make, and a total dream to work with. This post will focus on how to alter any of my buttercream recipes (or really, any American buttercream recipe) to be the perfect consistency for different kinds of cake decorating scenarios. I’ll even take it a step beyond and show you how to fix common buttercream problems should they ever occur. This way, you’ll always know just what to do when it comes to making the perfect batch of buttercream! 

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DIY Sprinkle Letter Cake Toppers

diy letter cake toppers

There are times when a store bought cake topper gets the job done, but for all the times you want something super custom, it’s so helpful to know how to make your own. These sprinkle letter toppers are my go-to for creating celebratory cake toppers that spell out anything. Not only are they extra cute, they are so quick to whip up with a handful of things you probably already have on-hand (especially if you’re a sprinkle hoarder like me). 

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