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birthday cake with sprinkles by sugar and sparrow

One of the biggest reasons why I started blogging about cake is because I fell in love with helping people. It totally makes my day when I read messages from you guys talking about how one of my recipes has become your go-to or how a tutorial helped you make the perfect cake to celebrate your loved one. Cake is one of my favorite ways to spread joy, and I feel like teaching you how to make pretty cakes spreads that joy even further – from my kitchen to yours and beyond. I consider it an honor! And while I love sharing cake decorating tutorials and recipes, there’s one thing I’ve been dreaming about teaching for a long time, what I like to call Cake Basics

Cake Basics is just what it sounds like: the very basics of cake making. It’s everything you need to know about making perfect cake layers, timelines for making and storing cakes, filling and stacking cakes (without said filling bulging out of the sides), tinting buttercream, and so much more! And to teach you, I’ve filmed a series of in-depth videos to serve as a guide for all of it. They’ll be coming to my blog and YouTube channel very soon, so consider this post your official teaser trailer! 

vanilla cake layers by sugar and sparrow

Everything in this Cake Basics series stems from my own cake journey – years of bumbling around the kitchen, learning from my own cake catastrophes, and researching different methods of making and decorating cakes. While I know there are a thousand methods for building a cake from start to finish, this series will give you an in depth look at how I do it. I’m hoping that above all else, these videos and blog posts will help build your confidence in the kitchen and answer any questions you might have about the fundamentals of cake making. 

cake basics by sugar and sparrow
how to place sprinkles on cake

I’ll be releasing new Cake Basics videos and blog posts as frequently as I can edit them, which is hopefully every week. My goal is to get them all out into the world before baby boy gets here, but since I am about 31 weeks pregnant (and a bit slower with everything these days!) I may need a little grace with the timeline. It’s my passion to teach you this stuff, so just know that it’s in the works and be sure to follow along on my Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube for all the updates! 

blue and pink cake by sugar and sparrow

In the meantime, I do have my favorite basic recipes and tutorials here for you to learn and enjoy.

And one last thing: if you have any requests for Cake Basics topics, I would love to know them! Leave a comment below with your topic suggestions and I’ll add them to the list if they’re not already there. So excited for this!


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