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Goodie Girl Cookie Cupcakes + Giveaway!

Goodie Girl Cookies Snack Paks

A few weeks ago, I got a big package in the mail with the word COOKIES stamped on the side in huge, bold letters (imagine the intrigue of all the postal workers). I’d been looking forward to this particular package from Goodie Girl Cookies, mostly because I’m in love with their branding and I was dying to know if their gluten-free cookies were as tasty as they look. Inside the box were the cutest packages of cookies with flavors like Birthday Cake, Fudge Striped, Mint Cookies, and Chocolate Creme (to name only a few), and I wasted no time popping them open to taste. I can honestly say they are hands-down the best gluten-free cookies I’ve ever had. Like, can’t stop eating delicious. It was the best mail day I’ve had in a long time.

Goodie Girl Cookies Giveaway

Starting today, I’m hosting a Goodie Girl Cookie giveaway on my Instagram page to give you a chance to have the best mail day you’ve had in a long time (or maybe ever)! TWO lucky winners will receive a variety of Goodie Girl cookies, a Goodie Girl tote, a fun T-shirt, coupons for even more sweet treats, and a $50 Amazon gift card. All the details are on this Instagram post, so head on over there to learn more! 

Besides the vibrant packaging and tempting flavors, what makes Goodie Girl Cookies so special is that they’re 100% Gluten Free, peanut free, and made from all-natural ingredients. The thing that surprised me the most about them is that if I hadn’t known they were gluten free, I wouldn’t have thought they were. The flavors are so on point and I can’t recommend them enough whether you’re eating gluten free or not!

I got the chance to whip up some fun cupcakes inspired by a handful of my favorite Goodie Girl Cookie flavors to celebrate how delicious they are. The flavors I chose are ones available in their cute little Snack Paks, but they’ve got tons of tasty flavors available in even bigger boxes. Be sure to check them out!

Birthday Cake 

This is the flavor I was most excited to try, and it totally lived up to the hype! They’re all-natural vanilla wafer cookies with a funfetti vanilla creme filling in the middle. There’s something about funfetti filling that’s just downright magical.

Cupcakes with Birthday Cake cookies

These Birthday Cake Cookies are perfect for a topping funfetti cupcakes with vanilla buttercream (tinted pink for good measure). I finished off the look with some pretty sprinkles and a birthday candle for extra fun.

Fudge Striped

I grew up on Keebler Fudge Stripes cookies, so I was really looking forward to trying Goodie Girl’s version. They’re buttery little cookies, dipped in and drizzled with chocolate fudge. I ended up eating way too many of these (still can’t stop), because the flavor is amazing! I think they’re my favorite of the bunch.

Fudge stripe cookie cupcakes

These Fudge Striped cookies are all you need as cupcake toppers (they’re so cute!), but I drizzled some chocolate ganache on top to really enhance those stripes. 

Mint Cookies

If you’re into the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (who isn’t?), these Mint Cookies are going to rock your world! They’re Goodie Girl’s top seller for good reason – a delicious chocolate mint wafer covered in chocolate fudge perfection. I honestly can’t believe they’re gluten free.

Mint Chocolate Cookie Cupcakes

I used some mint frosting (tinted mint green) to top these cupcakes before adding a whole Mint Cookie, then crushed up a few to sprinkle as a finishing touch. I couldn’t resist adding a little mint leaf, handpicked from my garden (don’t be too impressed, it’s the only thing that’s growing back there). 

Chocolate Creme

A tasty chocolate wafer cookie with soft vanilla creme filling, reminiscent of an Oreo and honestly just as good. My husband has been loving these ones all week!

Gluten Free Oreo cookie cupcakes

I love a good cookies and creme anything, so I crushed up some of the chocolate wafers and added them to vanilla buttercream before piping it onto these cupcakes (so yummy). Then, I added a Chocolate Creme cookie and sprinkled some crumbs on top. 

Vanilla Creme

An all natural vanilla wafer cookie sandwiching a soft vanilla creme filling. It’s perfect for any vanilla lover and has such a great texture contrast between the crunchy wafer and the smooth creme filling.

gluten free vanilla oreo cookie cupcakes

I snapped this one in half to top these vanilla cupcakes, then crushed the other half into cookie crumbs that I sprinkled over the whole thing. 

Chocolate Chunk 

These mini chocolate chip cookies have the perfect amount of crunch. I was so surprised to learn that one serving of these Chocolate Chunk cookies contains less than ⅓ of the sugar as one cup of regular low-fat vanilla yogurt! It made me feel even better about eating so many of these ones!

gluten free chocolate chip cookie cupcakes

Inspired by these chocolate chip cuties, I topped each vanilla cupcake with a whole Chocolate Chunk cookie and a good sprinkling of mini chocolate chips. 

Are you drooling yet? Cause I am! Be sure to head to Goodie Girl’s online shop to see even more of the flavors they offer. And don’t forget to enter the giveaway on my Instagram by Wednesday, November 6th at 11:59PM PST for your chance to win a big box of Goodie Girl fun!

goodie girl gluten free cookie cupcakes

Disclaimer: I was compensated by Goodie Girl Cookies for my work of creating this project, styling, filming, photographing, and writing about their products. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support Sugar & Sparrow.

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