Baby on the Way + Gender Reveal Cake

gender reveal cake by sugar and sparrow

Some great news in the midst of this global pandemic: I’m pregnant! We’re expecting a sweet baby this August and our hearts could not be more full. I think mine might actually explode when I get to hold this kid for the first time! 

sugar and sparrow pregnancy announcement

I find myself savoring every moment of this pregnancy because the journey to get here was super emotional. It took a lot of prayer and there was heartbreak along the way, but God is so good and these little kicks I’m feeling these days + my growing bump are a constant reminder that this baby is a gift from Him. I could not be more thankful and honored to get to do this!

sugar and sparrow
sugar and sparrow maternity photos

Being pregnant during this coronavirus pandemic has been pretty wild. I’m definitely missing being surrounded by all my people during such a special time, but thanks to all the Zoom and FaceTime chats I’m having I still feel very connected. I’ve also gotten to spend a ton of quality time with my husband before we become a family of three and it’s nice to have extra time at home for all this nesting I’m about to do. Still, it would be nice to get away for a babymoon before this kid gets here. If not I guess we’ll have to make it a newborn-moon! It doesn’t sound nearly as restful, but worth it to bask in the sun and stick my toes in the sand somewhere tropical. 

I’m 21 weeks now and thankfully, this pregnancy has been pretty easy so far. In the beginning I mainly felt like a bottomless pit of hunger and only got nauseous when I didn’t eat every hour and a half. The only things I could not stand were the sight/taste/thought of sour cream and the smell of taco seasoning. Other than being too tired to move by 8pm and having to pee 24/7 I felt pretty good (which was also terrifying, cause those early symptoms felt like such reassurance). Now that I’m a little over halfway there, I still wake up a ton at night but I’m experiencing some more of the fun stuff: good hair, a reasonably sized bump, a little more energy, vivid dreams every night, and baby kicks that keep getting stronger and stronger.  

Biggest cravings so far: peanut butter toast every single day, Special K cereal (has to be the one with strawberries), spicy Indian food, cheeseburgers, any kind of Italian food, and Reser’s bean and cheese burritos (which is weird because I hadn’t even thought about those things in like fifteen years). Oddly enough, I am preferring salty/spicy/savory things over sweets these days.

buttercream gender reveal cake

We found out the gender last week and wanted to come up with a fun way to tell all of you. So naturally, I made myself a gender reveal cake!

Without further ado, it’s a…

gender reveal cake by sugar and sparrow


And the crazy thing is, I had this super strong feeling that we were having a son weeks before we found out. I did have a few vivid dreams that I was having a girl in the beginning, and an overwhelming majority of our friends guessed it would be a girl, but after I hit the second trimester I was just convinced it was a boy. I couldn’t shake the feeling. So when the ultrasound tech said he was a boy I was mind blown that the feeling was true! We are so elated to be having a son! And just look at his cute little profile:

gender reveal with letterboard sign

I’m already so obsessed with this boy and can’t wait to be his mama! Already dreaming of his birthday cakes but trying not to think too far ahead because I hear time goes fast. In the meantime, I’m savoring every moment of this pregnancy and grateful to be healthy during this crazy time in the world. Hope you’re all safe and healthy out there and thank you for celebrating sweet boy with us! 

sugar and sparrow maternity photos

And one last thing: If you’re wondering about the details of how I created my gender reveal cake, here’s the tutorial for the buttercream piping technique I used. The color palette for the frosting is Americolor Electric Blue and Fuschia, mixed in a few different shades and combined for the purple color. I tinted the cake batter with Americolor Electric Blue to get that pretty shade for the cake inside.

gender reveal cake pink and blue

If you’re expecting and want to make your own gender reveal cake, feel free to steal this idea or check out the tutorial for these sprinkle filled gender reveal cupcakes. Be sure to tag @sugarandsparrowco on Instagram if you do – I’d love to celebrate with you!


  1. Woo hoo! Awesome! *happy dance, happy dance* Alright! Horray! *clap, clap, clap* Incredible! Yippie! That’s the best! Yahoo! Hurrah! Woopie! Three cheers! *applause, applause* Fabulous! Wonderful! *the crowd goes wild!*

  2. Awww, congratulations, Whitney!! I can’t imagine how happy you must be feeling right now!!! I can’t wait to experience the journey towards motherhood someday. It seems absolutely magical. Praying you and your husband will be safe throughout this pandemic, and that your baby boy will arrive safely ♡

  3. It absolutely does go fast. Found my way to your blog while looking for cake decorating ideas for my son’s first birthday cake. Cue the waterworks, he turns 1 already on May 5!! Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I am obsessed with your work!!

    • Thank you, Melissa! Excited for you to find a fun cake design to celebrate your son’s first birthday! I bet you’re feeling all the feels.

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