Homemade Cake Flour Recipe

homemade cake flour recipe

There’s a reason why the majority of my cake recipes call for cake flour instead of all-purpose (aka plain flour). The short answer is that cake flour is what makes my cakes ultra light and fluffy! Maybe it’s because I grew up on boxed cake mixes, but I’m always after that light, fluffy (yet moist) texture when crafting a cake recipe. I get tons of questions about whether or not it’s ok to substitute all-purpose flour and while it’s not something I recommend, there is a way to create homemade cake flour using all-purpose. I’ll show you how! 

diy cake flour recipe

The Difference Between Cake Flour and All-Purpose Flour

While all-purpose flour is made from a combination of soft and hard wheat, cake flour is made from only soft wheat that’s been milled extra fine. It contains the lowest protein content of all the flours, and in baking, the lower the protein content the softer the texture. To give you an idea of the difference, cake flour has about 7-8% protein, all-purpose flour has about 10-12%, and bread flour has 14-16%. The higher the protein content, the more dense and sticky your batter will be, thus the more dense a cake will be after it’s baked. 

I did a little baking experiment to test cake flour vs. all-purpose flour and see if there really is a big difference. I made my vanilla cake recipe, first with cake flour, then with all-purpose flour.

cake flour vs all purpose flour

While you can’t see an alarming difference just by the photograph alone, trust me on this one. The all-purpose flour cake was much more dense and less flavorful (perhaps because of the extra gluten content?), while the cake flour version was mega-flavorful, so light, and so fluffy. 

How To Make Homemade Cake Flour 

You can find cake flour in the baking aisle of most grocery stores, but if it isn’t something you have access to, I have great news for you: you can easily convert the all-purpose flour you already have in your pantry into homemade cake flour that’s just as effective!

how to make cake flour

Here’s a quick video I whipped up of the process, and the detailed instructions are below:

You Will Need:

  • All-Purpose Flour (also known as Plain Flour)
  • Cornstarch
  • Measuring cup (1 Cup)
  • Measuring spoon (1 Tbsp)
  • Sifter


Place 2 Tbsp of cornstarch into a one-cup measuring cup.

how to make cake flour

Spoon all-purpose flour or plain flour into the measuring cup and level it off to make exactly one cup.

how to measure flour

Repeat per the amount of cake flour the recipe calls for, then sift it all together into a large bowl 4-6 times. I know, it’s a lot of sifting, but so worth it! 

sifting cake flour

And voila, DIY cake flour! You can make large amounts of this cake flour ahead of time and store it in an airtight container in your pantry. This way, you won’t have to repeat the measuring-and-sifting process every time you make a cake. It’s a little more time intensive than buying actual cake flour, but it totally works in a pinch.

can you substitute all purpose flour for cake flour

If you’d rather bypass this process and purchase cake flour, my favorite brands to use are Swan’s Down, Softasilk, and Bob’s Red Mill. Each of those will have you singing “hallelujah” when your cakes come out of the oven!


  1. Hello, can I use cake flour when a recipe calls for all-purpose flour?

    • Hi Judy! It all depends on the recipe. Certain cakes like chocolate, pumpkin, and banana will bake much better with all-purpose flour, while vanilla-based cakes can usually be made more fluffy with cake flour. Hope that helps!

  2. How to measure the cake flour for the subsitution of all.purpose flour
    Is it like if its 2 cups of all.purpose flour then subsitute with 2 cups of cake flout

    • Hi Sonali! It will be an equal substitution. For example, if a recipe calls for 1 cup of all-purpose flour you can substitute for 1 cup of cake flour. Depending on the recipe though, some cake recipes bake better with cake flour and some (like chocolate, pumpkin, and banana cakes) bake better with all-purpose flour.

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