DIY Candy Melt Honeycomb For A Bee Cake

I recently had the opportunity to create this bee-themed cake for Thistle & Lace, and as I was during the design planning process I knew I had to incorporate honeycomb in some way. The black and yellow buttercream stripes were a given, but adding the texture of honeycomb really made the cake come alive. There’s a really quick way to make DIY “honeycomb” for cake decorating, and I want to share the technique with you in this super quick tutorial (especially if you’re planning a bee-themed cake of your own!).

bee cake tutorial
honeycomb bee cake tutorial

The best thing about this technique is that it’s super fast and only requires a few materials. I used Wilton Candy Melts to get that rich yellow color, but the process will work with any sort of chocolate you want. Whatever you’re using, follow the steps below for honeycomb perfection.

Watch this quick video (above) of the process to show you how it works before you read all about it below. If you’re into cake decorating videos like these, be sure to follow along on my YouTube channel – there are tons of videos there to inspire you!

You Will Need:

Step 1: Melt The Candy Melts

In a microwave-safe bowl, melt the Candy Melts according to the instructions on the package and stir until uniform in consistency.

melting wilton candy melts

If you’re using white chocolate chips (or any other kind of chocolate), follow Step 1 of this tutorial to get perfectly tempered chocolate.

Step 2: Spread onto Bubble Wrap

Place a piece of bubble wrap onto a sheet of wax paper, bubbles side up. Then, spread a layer of melted Candy Melts over the top of it using a small icing spatula.

honeycomb cake decorations tutorial

When the surface of your bubble wrap is covered, place it in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes to let it firm up.

Step 3: Release

Once the Candy Melts are nice and firm, remove the bubble wrap. It should release nice and easy.

honeycomb tutorial for bee cake

From here, you can break up the piece of “honeycomb” into smaller pieces for placing on your cake.

honeycomb cake decorating tutorial

If you end up making some honeycomb for your next bee-themed cake (or otherwise!) be sure to let me know how it went in the comments below! And you can always tag @sugarandsparrowco on Instagram so I can see your creations. Happy honeycomb making, friends!

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