A Magical Maternity Photoshoot in the Rose Gardens

international rose test garden portland maternity photoshoot

There’s this magical place in Portland called the International Rose Test Garden, where there are over ten thousand roses in bloom all at once. It’s apparently the longest running rose test garden in the country, and maybe even why Portland is nicknamed the “City of Roses.” So when it came time to start thinking about places to capture some maternity photos, this place seemed like the most beautiful backdrop ever. Turns out it is the dreamiest setting, and as a bonus, all of the roses fill the air with the most amazing fragrance. Whether for photos or not, if you’re ever in Portland, you must go!

maternity photoshoot portland rose gardens

My dear (and ultra-talented) friend Abi captured these beautiful photos for us and I am treasuring them forever. Growing this baby boy has been the most incredible, miraculous thing I’ve ever had the honor to do, and to have these photos as keepsakes is just so special. I’m just gonna leave these right here: 

maternity photos by Abi Porter
portland rose gardens maternity photos
pinkblush maternity mauve lace gown
sugar and sparrow maternity photos

Just a handful of weeks (give or take) until we get to meet this boy! I’ve been so blessed to be feeling pretty great this whole time, sleeping well, and just so in awe of my body. I will say that the occasional bouts of swollen feet and carpal tunnel aren’t the most comfortable, but I know that those are tiny annoyances in the grand scheme of pregnancy symptoms. We’ll see how these final few weeks go, but he’s worth whatever awaits me on this journey to momhood.

portland rose gardens photoshoot

The most challenging thing with this pregnancy has been the whole pandemic thing and having to really surrender my vision of what pregnancy and labor looks like. It’s been hard having to miss out on a babymoon, more frequent prenatal appointments, fulfilling my favorite restaurant cravings, and just the general freedom to physically go to stores and shop for nursery things and maternity clothes. It’s going to be extra hard missing out on the parade of friends coming to the hospital to meet this boy right after he’s born. But even though there’s a lot of grief to acknowledge, in the grand scheme of things, he’s what matters most. He’s been my little ray of hope through everything going on, and seeing his sweet face for the first time is going to be everything. I cannot wait.

international rose test gardens in Portland maternity photoshoot

Any other pregnant mamas out there? How are you doing and feeling? I want to know in the comments below!


  1. Anita cardoso

    I’m not a pregnant mama but I wanted you to know that these pics are beautiful and as someone who has known you since you were 10 months old…. I’m excited and brought to tears seeing you as a soon-to-be mama. You will be a great mom and I’m excited to meet your little son soon. Love , hugs and blessings!

    • Aw thank you so much, Anita!! We can’t wait for you to meet this boy too. Love you so much and thanks for all the love and support!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Whitney!! I’m so excited for you and pray your precious boy will have a safe and healthy delivery♡ Where did you get your lovely dress, may I ask?

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