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And just like that, I have a one year old (my blog baby, of course)! I can’t believe it’s only been a year since I launched Sugar & Sparrow, and I am so, so happy I pressed the publish button back then. It’s been such a joy to share my recipes and cake decorating tutorials with you, and I’m looking forward to all that’s to come! I’ve just got all the feels about this.

A little over a year ago, my husband kept pushing the idea of turning my love for cake into a blog and although I liked the idea of it, I was absolutely terrified of the idea at the same time. I’d never had a blog before, never taken photos with a DSLR camera (so happy I upgraded to this one from my iPhone though!), and had never shared my recipes with anyone. What if they only worked in my own kitchen and were a disaster everywhere else? Somehow, I pushed the fear aside and got to work on what is now Sugar & Sparrow. What a wild ride it’s been!

Sugar and Sparrow striped buttercream cake

I want to thank you A MILLION for following along and cheering me on with all this cake stuff. I couldn’t do any of it without you and am so amazed to find myself part of such a kind, inspiring community of bakers. I’m blessed by you all and consider you a huge part of my journey as a cake maker and recipe writer. You’ve grown my confidence a ton and I hope that you’re feeling more confident in the kitchen too!

Whitney of Sugar and Sparrow

That being said, to celebrate my blogiversary, I’ll be hosting a few giveaways on my Instagram channel over the next few weeks to give you all a chance to win some of my can’t-live-without cake decorating supplies. I hope they bring you even more kitchen confidence! Here are the details:

Details to come on all of those things, be sure to follow along on my Instagram so you don’t miss any of it!

birthday cake with sprinkles by sugar and sparrow

And for a trip down memory lane, here are some of my favorite recipes and tutorials from the past year:

Chocolate Ganache Drip Cake Tips

This is the perfect chocolate ganache recipe for dripping cakes, plus all of my best tips for achieving drip cake greatness!

how to drip a cake with chocolate ganache

If you’re working with milk, semi-sweet, or dark chocolate, this one is the best ratio. If you’re more of a white chocolate ganache drip caker, this one is my favorite ratio.  

Salted Caramel Buttercream Recipe

The perfect buttercream recipe for every salted caramel lover! It all starts with a batch of my easy four-ingredient salted caramel, then I’ll show you how to whip it up into tasty buttercream for filling and frosting cakes.

caramel buttercream recipe by sugar and sparrow

Spatula Painted Cake Tutorial

One of the easiest ways to decorate a colorful, eye-catching cake. Just mix up your favorite color palette, grab a small icing spatula, and go crazy!

painted buttercream cake by sugar and sparrow

Milk & Cereal Cake Recipe

This one’s for all the cereal lovers and it pairs perfectly with your Saturday morning cartoons. The best part about this recipe is it works with any cereal, so grab a box of your favorite and I’ll show you how to turn it into a tasty Milk & Cereal cake, plus how to make the perfect white chocolate milk splash to top it!

Milk and Cereal cake by Sugar and Sparrow

Vanilla Buttercream Recipe

One of the number one recipe requests I get is for my basic vanilla buttercream. It’s perfect for piping buttercream flowers, topping cupcakes, and frosting smooth buttercream cakes.

white chocolate buttercream recipe

One-Bowl Chocolate Cake Recipe

A decadent, moist chocolate cake that’s almost as easy as whipping up a box of cake mix! All of the ingredients go into one bowl, making the mixing process totally failproof, and from start to finish you’ll have the perfect chocolate cake batter in about five minutes.

one bowl chocolate cake recipe

How To Frost A Smooth Buttercream Cake

This tutorial will walk you through all my tips and techniques for frosting a super smooth buttercream cake finish. You’re gonna want to know these tricks!

how to frost a cake with smooth buttercream frosting

Thanks again SO MUCH for all of your support and I’m looking forward to all that’s to come in year two and beyond!  


  1. Deborah J Rody

    I love your cake designs. I’m a grandma that makes cakes for grandchildren’s birthdays. I’m not trained but just love baking cakes. Thank you for sharing your recipes!

    • Hi Deborah! Thanks so much for the kind words about my cakes 🙂 I’m so happy to hear you’re loving the recipes and am cheering you on in your love for baking!

  2. Kati Heath

    Hello! What kind of sprinkles did you use for the teal striped birthday cake? I’m making one almost similar and would love to use those exact sprinkles!!

    Thank you!!

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