My Favorite Piping Tip: Wilton 4B

wilton piping tip 4b

When I first started making cakes, I was so pleased to find out that my local craft store had a whole two aisles full of cake decorating supplies! All of the tools in those aisles were Wilton and they became the foundation of my toolset for years to come. Although I have incorporated some other brands into my cake decorating arsenal I am most definitely still a huge fan of Wilton, especially since their tools have taken a beating from me over the last several years and have held up pristinely.

I wanted to shed a spotlight on my favorite piping tip of all time, the classic Wilton 4B. It’s an open star tip that I’ve come to love for creating unique designs on cakes and cupcakes. It really shines when you get a little crafty with color.

I once made a cupcake rainbow with my 4B tip by creating different shades of buttercream. I think there are 14 colors represented here.

rainbow cupcakes by sugar and sparrow

And made some monochromatic magic with a few different shades of teal.

monochromatic cupcakes by Sugar and Sparrow

I’ve created an under-the-sea inspired cake for a friend who loves diving. I love how it turned out looking like a coral reef.

under the sea cake by Sugar and Sparrow

And created a little sunny ombrè cake.

mango buttercream cake by sugar and sparrow

I’ve also used it several times to accent my cake designs. I just love that extra pop of texture it adds!

matcha cake by sugar and sparrow

Have you tried any of these looks with 4B? I want to see ‘em. Tag me on Instagram and show me!


  1. Hi! How do you get the buttercream colors to be more muted? Mine always come out looking bright and neon-ish even if I add just a little bit of food gel.

    • Hi Monica! I have the Americolor Nifty Fifty Kit and it includes a lot of muted color gels. Also, if a color is too bright I usually add a tiny bit of a slightly darker color to tone it down.

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