Sprinkle Drip Cake Tutorial

sprinkle drip cake tutorial by sugar and sparrow

This was originally a guest post I wrote for SprinklePop’s blog. It’s too good not to share here, because sprinkle drip cakes are so much fun to make with any sprinkle mix!

There are drip cakes, and then there are sprinkle drip cakes. And let me tell you, while both are pretty to look at, the sprinkle version is so much more fun! The sprinkle drip cake trend was popularized by one of my favorite cakers to follow on Instagram, @brittanymaycakes. To my knowledge, she’s the little genius behind putting sprinkles on top of a ganache drip, and I just had to give it a go because it looks so stunning – especially with this Bewitched sprinkle mix by SprinklePop.

add sprinkles to ganache drip cake

While any sprinkle mix will do for creating a sprinkle drip cake, I was really drawn to the vibrant color scheme of Bewitched. It’s a magical blend of pink, purple, teal, and yellow jimmies and spheres, plus gold and silver dragees to give it some extra bling. I decided to color the buttercream backdrop a deep fuschia (with Americolor soft gel past in Fuschia) to really compliment all of the sprinkle colors, but they’d look pretty on all sorts of buttercream hues. Just look at how pretty they are:

Betwitched sprinkles by sprinklepop

The essentials you’ll need for this look are a good pair of tweezers, the perfect sprinkle mix, and a great chocolate ganache recipe. I’ve got the perfect chocolate ganache recipe and white chocolate ganache recipe at the links below, with all the tips you need for successful drips. The tweezers make it easier to perfectly place the sprinkles (as opposed to using your fingers). And it’ll look incredible with any of SprinklePop’s gorgeous sprinkle mixes! Just pick your favorite and follow along the tutorial below:

You Will Need:

Step 1: Do A Test Drip

Before you get too crazy dripping your ganache, I always think it’s a great idea to do a test drip on your chilled buttercream cake. Make sure your ganache is room temperature and good drip consistency first, create one drip on the side of your cake, and wait until it stops traveling.

how to drip cake with white chocolate ganache

If your ganache is too runny or warm, it will travel all the way to the bottom of the cake quickly. If it’s too cold and thick, it won’t travel much at all. Adjust the consistency and temperature of your ganache if need be, and only continue the process of dripping your cake once you’re satisfied with the look of the drips.

Step 2: Drip The Sides Of The Cake

Once your ganache has passed the first drip test, continue dripping your ganache down the sides using either a squeeze bottle or the spoon method.

white chocolate ganache drip cake tutorial

It’s best to start by dripping every side before moving on to the top of the cake. This way you can better control the look of the drips from the side view and only fill what’s necessary on the top.

Step 3: Fill In The Top Of The Cake

When all the sides have been dripped, pour a small amount of ganache on the top of the cake and smooth it with an icing spatula or the back of your spoon.

white chocolate ganache drip cake tutorial

Be sure to only fill in the space that’s not yet covered with ganache, because adding too much might make your drips travel farther than you’d like. I always spread the ganache on top until it just reaches where the drips have started to cover on the top of the cake.

Step 4: Place The Sprinkles

Let the ganache rest in the refrigerator for about five minutes while you pour the sprinkles into a small bowl. After refrigerating for just those few minutes, the ganache drips should be sticky, but set enough to ensure that adding sprinkles won’t drag them down.

adding sprinkles to drip cake
adding sprinkles to white chocolate ganache

Using your tweezers, place the sprinkles onto the ganache one by one until you achieve the look you’re going for. This could take anywhere from 20-30 minutes, depending on how precise you want to be, but trust me. It’s so worth it!

Step 5: Keep On Decorating

While you can stop after you’ve created your sprinkle drip, I believe that when it comes to SprinklePop sprinkles, more is more!

sprinkle drip cake by sugar and sparrow

Before I dripped the cake, I added a border of Bewitched sprinkles to the bottom edge, and after creating the sprinkle drip I added a buttercream border to the top of this cake using Wilton Tip 6B, then filled in the entire top of the cake with even more sprinkles. So fun!

drip cake with sprinkles

Ready to create your very own sprinkle drip cake? Just grab a bottle of your favorite sprinkles and let the fun begin!  


  1. Your cakes are fabulous! I bought these sprinkles to make my daughters cake this past weekend, and I thought putting the sprinkles on the bottom of the cake would be the easiest! I was wrong — I made a huge mess! I know you use tweezers for the sprinkles on the drip, but what about the bottom. I used my fingers, but, yet, I know I must have done it wrong!!!! Thank you so much if you have a moment to help me out!

    • Hi Aimee! Sprinkles are a messy job for sure! I usually put a baking sheet underneath the cake turntable to collect the extra sprinkles, and for applying them to the bottom border of the cake I use my hands as well. I always make sure that the buttercream is still sticky before I apply sprinkles to it (not chilled or anything) and use the palm of my hand to gently press the sprinkles onto the side of the cake.

  2. Omg – could you tell me where to find the butter cream cake recipe?!!!!!

  3. Cathy Eccersley

    Fab tutorial which I can’t wait to try out! Do you know if Hersheys cookie and creme chocolate should be classed as white or milk, for ratio purposes? Thank you.

    • Hi Cathy! I would classify the Hershey’s Cookies & Creme Chocolate as white chocolate, since that’s what’s used as the base. I’ve never turned a chocolate bar with bits like oreo inside into a ganache recipe before, but it sounds heavenly and I hope it turns out well!

  4. Sharon Baskin

    This cake is a phenomenal design! Could you please tell me what buttercream you used and how you got that fabulous color? Thanks So much!

  5. Hello,

    I used your recipe for the white chocolate ganache but I only had half and half and it was super thin. Does the heavy cream really make that much of a difference? Or maybe it was too warm or not enough white chocolate chips? The drips were not pretty like yours. Thank you

    • Hi Crystal! Yes, the additional fat in heavy cream is essential for thickening the ganache. It won’t set up right with half and half, so next time be sure to use heavy whipping cream!

  6. Hi! I love your site 🙂 I had done little cakes and dipped them in chocolate ganache (1.5 cream to 1 part chocolate ratio). After waiting a bit, I put my sprinkles on top. I used sprinkles with natural colouring. To my horror, after an hour or so, the sprinkles seem to have “lost” their colour!? Is it due to the natural colouring? The ganache wasnt too warm went I put them on. I think I have to remake the entire batch but dont know how to put on the sprinkles then, cos they would have faded by the time they get to the client.

    • Hi Sharon! I’m so sorry to hear that! It must have something to do with the natural coloring of the sprinkles fading when they come in contact with the wetness of the ganache. I have only ever tried this technique with sprinkles that have a waxy coating over their colors, I think that coating helps lock the color in. I would try the technique again with sprinkles that have that protective layer.

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