Sprinkled Rose Cupcakes Tutorial

Sprinkle rose cupcake tutorial

This post originally appeared as a guest post on SprinklePop’s blog. It’s too good not to re-share here, because these cupcakes are one of my fave looks for Spring. Enjoy!

Spring deserves to be celebrated, and that’s just what I think of when I look at these cupcakes. They remind me of a Spring parade and kindof make me want to throw confetti in the air because warmer weather is on the way! The Sorbeto sprinkle mix by SprinklePop is like a happy color explosion, and I think it’s the perfect way to add a little more fun to these buttercream flower cupcakes. It’s pretty much the best way to welcome Spring if you’re as excited as I am about it!

Buttercream Rose Cupcake tutorial
rose cupcakes with sprinkles by sugar and sparrow

The colors in this Sorbeto mix are what instantly drew me to these sprinkles. It’s made up of the most vibrant pinks, oranges, and blues, and with the variety of sprinkle shapes going on it was just love at first sight. I knew they would be the perfect blend to add some vibrance to these floral cupcakes, but they’re sure to add beautiful color to any treat you put them on! Just look at how pretty they are:

Sorbeto sprinkle mix by SprinklePop

I’ve always loved incorporating buttercream flowers into my cake projects, but never have I combined the technique with sprinkles. I’m a little obsessed with how well they go together! I whipped up a quick video of the decorating process before I teach you the specifics below:

If you’ve never piped a buttercream rose before, fear not! It’s super easy with the right piping tip, a little practice, and the tutorial instructions below. And if you’re not comfortable with piping a rose, you could always swap it out with a buttercream rosette using Wilton Tip 1M. I’m sure whatever kind of floral technique you use for the cupcake toppers, you’ll end up with something beautiful!

You Will Need

Step 1: Color The Buttercream

Divide the buttercream into thirds and place ⅓ into one bowl and the remainder into another bowl. Add a few drops of food color gel to the larger amount of buttercream and create the color that you’d like your roses to be. I used Deep Pink by Americolor, but feel free to use your favorite!

Deep pink by Americolor

When you’ve got a good color going, place the pink buttercream into a piping bag fitted with Wilton Tip 104.

Step 2: Sprinkle The Edges

Pour the Sorbeto sprinkles into a bowl or onto a plate for easily dipping the edges of the cupcakes in. Then, use a small icing spatula to cover the surface of the cupcake with white buttercream and gently roll the top edges into the sprinkles.

dipping cupcakes in sprinkles
how to dip edges of cupcakes in sprinkles

Repeat until all of your cupcakes have sprinkled edges.

Step 3: Pipe The Roses

Using your piping bag fitted with Wilton Tip 104, pipe a buttercream rose onto the top of the cupcake with the outer petals ending just where the sprinkles begin (you don’t want to cover those!).

how to pipe buttercream roses

To pipe a rose, point the larger end of the piping tip toward the cupcake (the skinnier end should be facing upward) and rotate the cupcake 360 degrees as you pipe a simple swirl in the middle. This will be the center bud. Keep rotating the cupcake as you pipe rows of petals around the bud. They should get longer as you reach the outer edge of the rose.

Repeat until you’ve piped the roses onto all of the cupcakes.

sprinkle rose cupcakes by sugar and sparrow
cupcake decorating tutorial

Wishing you all the best Spring and can’t wait to see what you’re caking this season. Let me know what bakes you’re looking forward to in the comments or tag me on Instagram if you’ve found my recipes and/or tutorials especially inspiring!

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