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White Chocolate Milk Splash Tutorial

white chocolate milksplash cake topper by sugar and sparrow

As the topper for my Milk and Cereal Cake, I ended up creating a white chocolate “milk splash” to make it look like cereal milk was coming up out of the cake. Bringing the idea to life definitely took a few tries, because the techniques I initially thought would work ended up being complete disasters. After researching chocolate techniques, studying milk splash photography, and watching a few YouTube videos, I discovered a way to replicate the look with white chocolate. And now you’ll be able to get the look too!

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Milk And Cereal Cake Recipe

milk and cereal cake recipe by sugar and sparrow

Ah, milk and cereal. They’re a match made in heaven, and nostalgic as heck. I can remember many a Saturday morning curled up in front of the TV with a bowl of milk and cereal in hand – it was a true staple in my childhood diet. The idea of translating those flavors into a cake didn’t occur to me until a year ago, when a friend of mine was having a cereal-themed birthday party. I thought it was such a fun and playful idea for a cake, and although I didn’t start testing flavors just then, I added it to my list of future cake ideas and the dream was alive.

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