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Whitney of Sugar and Sparrow

Hi there! I am so glad you’re here. Starting a cake blog has been a dream of mine for a long time, and I’m so thrilled to finally welcome you here.

I wanted to share a little bit about myself so you can get to know the lady behind all the buttercream. My name is Whitney and my love for baked goods started decades ago, side by side with my momma in the kitchen. She had a real knack for making whatever she baked taste so special (she would say it was the love she put in – total mom thing to say). From Christmas cookies to lemon squares and apple crisp, I was glued to her side, mixing up the dough and sneaking the occasional spoonful.

After completely nerding out and attempting to bake every recipe in her Jean Parè baking books, I stumbled upon a little show called Ace of Cakes and I was instantly captivated, to say the least. I wondered if I could make art out of cakes like that and was determined to at least try. I headed to my local craft store, bought myself some tools, and started teaching myself the art of cake decorating via TV shows and YouTube.

Whitney from Sugar and Sparrow

My first cakes were mediocre at best but I was obsessed regardless, and kept at it until I started surprising myself. I’d make cakes every chance I could – the neighbor’s 50th birthday, a coworker’s baby shower, a wedding cake for a complete stranger, you name it. And you know what? People started asking me to make cakes on the regular. I decided to get my domestic kitchen licensed, whip up a few business cards, slap together a website, and called it Sparrow Cakes. Those were the years I worked a day job full-time and came home to get creative with cakes till midnight. Wake up, repeat.

cupcakes by sugar and sparrow

Although those years completely burned me out, they taught me SO MUCH about baking, cake decorating, and the science of edible art. I had my fair share of aggravating cake fails and delightful successes. I experienced the agony of staying up till 3:00am decorating, the anxiety that comes with transporting cakes that took hours to create, and the joys of delivering them to happy clients at grand events. Through it all, I’ve continued to be fascinated by baking and how creative it can be, which is what led me to launch Sugar & Sparrow. It’s for you to learn, get inspired, and hopefully share a few laughs with me along the way.

cupcakes by Sugar and Sparrow

In addition to my love for all things baking, here are 10 things about me that you might not know, in no particular order:

  1. I’m a born and raised Portlander (Oregon), and I could easily see myself living here for the rest of my life.
  2. I’ve been a singer for as long as I can remember. Started in the gospel choir as a kid, joined a ska band at one point (teenage angst), led worship for many years, and am currently putting the final touches on a synth-punk record with The Bell Jar.
  3. My favorite dessert is Baked Alaska, but I’ve never attempted to make it (bucket list).
  4. I want to read every Stephen King book on his list of novels. I’m currently seven novels in – The Shining, Carrie, The Mist, IT, Cujo, Bag of Bones, and The Long Walk. Only 88 to go! 
  5. When I was eight I won a rock paper scissors competition at a summer camp.
  6. My husband is my best friend and he also happens to be a professional graphic designer. When we collaborate on cakes, magic happens (mostly because he knows how to take my chaotic idea and turn it into something more visually perfect). He’s an inspiration to me and can make me laugh like no other. A win win.
  7. We just bought our first house and we’re working really hard to remodel it all ourselves. We’ve had a lot of fun and I’m amazed at what we’ve been able to do (thanks to YouTube and Home Depot).
  8. My favorite colors to look at are turmeric, seafoam green, and raspberry. My favorite color to wear? Black.
  9. Running is my brain’s happy place. My mind is pretty wild, always busy with ideas and thoughts, and running is the one scenario where I can clear my head. In addition to my neighborhood jaunts, I’ve run a couple half marathons and a Hood To Coast relay and I’d love to do more races at some point.
  10. I’ve played HQ Trivia everyday, sometimes twice a day, for the past six months. I’ve only won two times (in the amount of exactly $2.05) but someday I’m convinced I’ll win a fortune.

Well enough about me, already. I want to get to know YOU! Feel free to tell me a little about yourself and your baking journey in the comments below!


  1. Ellen Ganssle

    I’m a home baker, who LOVES to bake cakes! I saw your milk splash cake on Instagram…and it was so incredible, I signed up for your blog!!! It’s gorgeous! Best wishes!!!

  2. Loved reading this! It shows you perfectly. So glad your dream is alive and you’re living it. Keep up the good hard work and show this world what you got! <3

    • Thank you sister! I’m excited for where this journey takes me and I’m excited for where your journey is taking YOU! Living vicariously through you (as always), inspired by your adventurous approach to flavor, and in awe of your epic photography skills. You’ve taught me a whole lot!

  3. Kirsty

    I’m a self taught home baker just getting into it all again. When I was in my teens my dream was to become a baker or a pastry chef but events happened that made me change my mind. I’ve just finished training as a veterinary nurse and now have time again to fall in love with baking again! I have a looooong list I want to go through, as well as adding to it things from here! I’ve subscribed! Xx

    • Hi Kirsty! So nice to meet you and excited for you to fall in love with baking all over again! It’s cool that you’re keeping your dream alive and I’m wishing you all the best on your journey 🙂

  4. Whitney!! I’m giddy for you & this blog is a beautiful creation just like you! Go get ’em girl!!!!!

  5. Kaveri MK

    Hey, Just wanted to drop by and say I LOVE YOUR BLOG! It is so well said and everything looks so organised and love how it is categorized. The cakes and cupcakes looks mind blowing. I can’t wait to try out your recipes but I’m already in love with your blog. JUST SO GOOD. Thanks for this 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Kaveri! Your words are so encouraging 🙂 Cheering you on and can’t wait for you to try some of my recipes!

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