Baking With The Metric System: My New OXO Kitchen Scale

best kitchen scale for baking

I’ve had a love for baking for as long as I can remember, but never before have I owned a kitchen scale. When following recipes, I’ve always lucked out finding recipes that use cups as a standard of measurement for both dry and liquid ingredients. It wasn’t until I started this blog that I realized not everyone views cups as a standard. After several requests to convert my recipes to the metric system, I bought my very first kitchen scale (am I a real baker now or what?!) and spent some time making the conversions. Whatever measurement standard you use, my recipes are now easier than ever to follow, so get ready to bake your hearts out!

When hunting around for the perfect kitchen scale, I realized that there were more options than I could wrap my head around. I read reviews, watched videos, and asked some friends how they liked (or disliked!) their kitchen scales before making a purchase. After all my research, I decided on this OXO kitchen scale. It’s stainless steel with a digital display, and it couldn’t be easier to use! I couldn’t be a happier baker.

baking with the metric system

The coolest things about the OXO kitchen scale is that it has a removable platform for easy cleaning, pull-out display in case you’ve got a big bowl blocking your view of the numbers, and easy-to-understand instructions for a first time user (like me!). I was able to start using it right away since it came with all the batteries I needed. If you’re in need of a good digital kitchen scale, this one comes highly recommended from not only me, but America’s Test Kitchen as well. I watched them compare this scale to a dozen others and it came out way on top.

After spending time measuring ingredients and testing things out, I’m happy to say that every single recipe on my blog now features measurements in grams and milliliters as well as cups, so you’ll never have to do a rapid Google search to figure out how much an ingredient weighs in grams ever again. I’ll add the metric measurements to every recipe I create from here on out. I hope this makes your baking sessions with my recipes easier than ever!

vanilla cupcake ingredients

pumpkin cupcakes recipe by sugar and sparrow

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  1. So glad I ran across this post today! My scale (that I’ve only had for a month!) broke yesterday, and there are so many options available that I didn’t know where to start. I’ll definitely try this one out!

    • Hi Kalee! Sorry to hear your kitchen scale broke but I’m excited for you to try the OXO scale! I’ve been loving it so much and hope you do too 🙂

  2. I bought a scale just a few days before by referring a website. I think the list there is good and impressive enough, Still, I am thinking that how one can exactly take a measurement with 0.01grm precision? I have doubts that if such things were not happening in the decade ago, then how are we following the great recipes from the old schools today?

    • Hi Karen! A good kitchen scale is great for more precise baking, just because some dry ingredients tend to be measured differently depending on the baker. For instance, one baker might spoon the flour into their measuring cup, while another might scoop the flour with the measuring cup. Both methods will yield a different weight of flour. It just makes for more unified measurements across the board 🙂

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